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"The absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, avoidance of accountability and inattention to results are the five dysfunctions of a team," said Kenneth Joshua, HR business partner of Lenovo, during the recent members meeting of Kanara Entrepreneurs, Bengaluru.

Peter Anil Rego, president of Kanara Entrepreneurs, Bengaluru emphasized the fact that success comes through networking. "The more opportunity availed through network directly results in more success," said the president. ”Achieving success is an ongoing process and to achieve it you need to constantly network to gain knowledge and ideas from the experts. If you stop exercising you become slack and weak. So also is the case for achieving success." He urged all the members to attend meetings regularly and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that Kanara Entrepreneurs was offering.

Kenneth Joshua, during his presentation, led the audience into the actual facts of why teams fail and what needs to be done to correct it. He explained in detail the five dysfunctions: Dysfunction 1: The absence of trust: Kenneth said,"Trust is the glue of success. It lies in the heart of a functioning of a cohesive team, without which teamwork is impossible. The first people you hire are the key people who drive the organization. He said if team members need help – it is a confession of honesty. You should be approachable and allow your team to seek help."

Dysfunction 2: Fear of conflict: All great relationships require productive conflict in order to grow. The team should tell you why they disagree with you. How do you overcome the fear of conflict – every team should have one person to be the miner. He has to mine ideas from the team and extract conflicts. Every team member has to be high on assertiveness and co-cooperativeness.

Dysfunction 3: Lack of commitment: Team members have to be heard out. You have to be clear and honor deadlines, review key decisions and ensure it is communicated consistently through the organization, allow people to take risks, contingency and worst case scenario has to be provided, Willingness to accept that you are wrong, do not wait for consensus when you notice something wrong.

Dysfunction 4: Avoidance of accountability: Great teams hold each other accountable. You cannot build mistrust in the team. Publication of goals and standards are a great motivator to promote the team instead of recognizing only the individuals, this acts as a boost to the team who did not achieve. Failures are a team’s responsibility. It is important to maintain a simple and regular process review.

Dysfunction 5: Inattention to results: When team members are not focusing on collective results, they are focusing on EGO. Team scores should be published on a bulletin board. Result based awards is the key. You should agree to dis-agree but commitments have to be honored.

The members had several questions and doubts which were answered by Kenneth with several true life examples.

Earlier in the meeting, six new members - professionals, executives and businessmen were installed by Naveen D’souza, director membrship. They were - Anand Edward D’souza, Gerald Paul D’souza, CA Hedwig Lawrence Moras, Jose Paul, Kiran Moras, Lawence D’Souza and Lennold D’Almeida.

Peter Anil Rego, in his concluding remarks announced a new initiative of KE called - 'The bulletin board' : HR opportunities/requirements available in member organizations. He requested members to take advantage of this facility provided by KE.

The president also congratulated Dr Anthony Pais who was awarded the - 'Alfred Mascarenhas Memorial Award' instituted by St Johns Medical College for eminent doctors. The award had numerous nominations from within India and overseas. KE is proud of his achievement, he said.

The meeting was well attended and participated by lead members, members and guests. The meeting was compered by Aaron Watson. He said,“If you cannot fly - run, if you cannot run - walk, if you cannot walk – crawl. Success does not come to you, you have to go to success."

The vote of thanks was proposed by Vivon Pinto.