KE Bangalore

KE Bangalore
Location : Bangalore

Criteria for Lead Members

  • The membership is open to Entrepreneurs, Senior Corporate Executives and Senior Professionals of Kanara region (either of the spouse should hail from the Kanara region).
  • Any successful Entrepreneur of Kanara region with a reputable background.
  • Any successful Senior Corporate Executive or Senior Professional of Kanara region with accredited post-graduate or equivalent qualification and at least 10 years of practice in his chosen profession, with a reputable background.
  • The candidate should have the willingness to share his strengths with others and the commitment to strive for the betterment of the Kanara Entrepreneurs.
  • A potential candidate for Lead Member shall be introduced to the Board by one of the Lead Members by circulating his profile / curriculum vitae (C. V.) to all of them along with the prescribed Membership application form . Once the profile / C. V. is reviewed and analyzed, a meeting to vote for this member will be called by the Board.
  • Lead Member is elected as per the norms and selection process set by the Board from time to time. All the Lead Members attending the meeting and forming the quorum of Lead Members shall exercise a secret ballot vote and the candidate on receiving at least 75% of the cast votes in his favour shall be elected as a Lead Member.
  • A Lead Member once elected, will be sent a formal invitation to join the Association along with a request to submit the necessary documents and the fees.
  • The Lead Member must submit such documents and fees within 30 days of receipt of the invitation letter failing which his membership will automatically stand cancelled, unless the elected Lead Member has formally requested for an extension and the same has been approved by the majority of the Board of Directors.