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'Smarter Investing - Diversification' – KEL session on Nov 15

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Dubai, Nov 11 : KEL Dubai proposes to conduct a session on Diversification of your financial portfolio. ‘Diversification’ is an investment technique that mixes different kinds of investments in a portfolio.

Not all types of investments perform well at the same time. Different types of investments are affected differently by world events and changes in economic factors such as interest rates, exchange rates and inflation rates. The rationale behind diversification is that the positive performance of some of your investments will offset the potential negative performance of other investments. The main thing to remember is the old saying: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Venue :

The India Club, Dubai

Date & Time :

November 15, 2014 (Saturday) at 6:30 pm


Free for KE members only.

Guests – AED 100 during registration

Register Online : Click Here

About the Speakers :

Dhan Bazaar is a company based in Mumbai and focused on empowering its clients to optimize their investment returns through diversification in multiple assets across multiple platforms by providing a whole host of services under one roof to meet the client objectives of safety, liquidity, returns and building long-term wealth with tax efficiency.

They differentiate themselves by offering unique propositions suitable to current market conditions, opportunities and risk return trade off. This is achieved as a result of due diligence on the products and propositions basis Market Analysis , Sponsor/Platform Analysis, Product analysis ,Investment /Execution process

Dhan Bazaar with this process and evaluation thought process offers multiple Asset classes and products with suggestions of asset allocation across the below categories-

Traditional Products

Corporate and Treasury Advisory

Real Estate


Alternative Products (Pro Alpha)

The Dhan Bazaar offerings are multiple strategies under one roof which can be collectively made to work to meet client objectives or can be used as standalone models to meet one’s objectives viz. the currency hedging model offered in collaboration with Pro Alpha which has been the most prudent approach versus those who chose to be both completely hedged as well as unhedged.

As an example ones who hedged the rupee entirely since 2006 has lost 37.94%(cumulative) and the ones who have gone unhedged have lost 33.87% (cumulative) whereas ones adopting the Alternative Products offering have lost only 2.5% (cumulative). This could be of interest to many in import-export business, doing investments in India, running and owing business and properties in India, financing and procuring projects in India.

The session will focus on how to OPTIMISE RETURNS with GOOD RISK CONTROL in a MANAGED ACCOUNTS STRUCTURE and SHARING OF STRATEGIES which can work in both bull and bear market conditions.









The speakers include Pawan Mehar, Founder of Dhan Bazaar, Swapnil Kulkarni, Partner Dhan Bazaar and Rishi Kohli, Managing Director of Pro Alpha.

About KE Global:










KE Global is a global, non-profit, mutual-benefit corporation founded by successful entrepreneurs to encourage, support and nurture entrepreneurship in individuals originating from the Kanara region. While fostering entrepreneurship amongst the expatriates from the Kanara region with chapters in the UAE and Bangalore, KE Global aims to expand its activities overseas through affiliations with individuals or associations with similar objectives. KE Global has signed memorandum or understandings with organisations such as Rachana in Mangalore, Christian Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Dimensions in Mumbai to achieve these objectives with mutual co-operation.