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Bengaluru: KE holds talk on labour law for entrepreneurs

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“Labour Law is a vast subject and there are 45 different Labour laws”, said Vincent Concesso, Rtd Deputy Labour Commissioner during the recently held members meeting of Kanara Entrepreneurs, Bangalore.

He was speaking on the topic ‘Labour Laws for Small and Medium scale Industries’. “These laws help to keep the employee flock together and are being upgraded as some of the current laws were enacted prior to independence and have lost their significance at present”.

In his address, he gave the members some valuable tips o labour laws. He said that for an industry to be successful there are three principles.

  • The factory should be sustainable and should be in a position to generate more jobs
  • It should be in a position to extend all welfare facilities including social security
  • Resolving the disputes of the employees through dialogue


Further speaking on the theme, Concesso said, “There are several types of disputes. However, the most common ones are- dismissal, discharge, termination, transfer, deputation, non- renewal of contract employees, suspension, promotions, charter of demands, non-payment of gratuity etc. If any deviation is committed by employers and if it does go to court, the benefit generally goes to the worker. Hence it is important that the employers follow the labor laws very closely”.

He concluded by saying there were good employers and bad employers and bad employees and good employees.

The members meeting began with a presidential address by Peter Anil Rego, who said, “There are three kinds of people- the WILL’s , the WONT’s and the CANT’s”. He narrated the importance of being the WILL’s and said that successful people do all they have to do - And then Some More! He said the mission of KE too, was to support and nurture budding Entrepreneurs ‘and then some more’.

The speech craft coordinator, Robinson D’Souza said, “The children have the inherent talent. We only helped them discover their potential”.

The three Emcees- Shanaya D’Silva, Elvia D’Souza and Akhil Countinho and the rest of the speakers Shaarun George, Allen Dsouza , Arpita Saldanha, Vibha Pinto, Allen Saldanha , Aaron Rego, Cassius Pereira & Daniel Rosario displayed excellent communication skills and stated, “When they joined the programme, they were very nervous , shy and timid but now their stage fear had vanished”.

All of them displayed excellent communication and leadership skills. All the 11 speakers presented their speeches with great conviction and confidence. They were charming and graceful. They displayed passion and excellent communication skills which they learnt. They gave an insight into their goals and their dreams. Among the children, there were quite a few entrepreneurs for the future, a chef, a photographer, a cricketer, a pilot, a surgeon, a doctor, a beautician etc. The final remarks were by the president, Peter Anil Rego. He congratulated all the participants for their excellent presentation and wished them all the best in their future endeavours.

It was also a day to celebrate the induction of six new members. The new members were administered the oath by Naveen D’Souza, Director Membership. The new members inducted were Nishant Pereira, Josfred Fernandes, Richard D’Souza, Leena Lobo, Gregory D’Souza and John D'Souza.

There was also a brief presentation from Fr Melwyn lobo, Director of St Joseph Community College which trains and transforms today’s youth who are disadvantaged; who have discontinued school. He said that they consider merit as an opportunity and excel in tapping the untapped potential in these individuals. They target students who are socially, economically and educationally disadvantaged.

The college focuses on three components:

  • Information on knowledge – 20 %
  • Skills – 40
  • Attitude - 40 %


SJCC was established in 2005 in Ashirwad on St Marks Road and they have completed 10 years of transforming students. They have trained 1311 students from 2005-2015 and two of the courses have been approved by UGC. Fr Melvyn solicited support from KE on sharing of the knowledge pool and expressed his desire to collaborate.

Vote of thanks was proposed by George Timothy and the meeting concluded with a fellowship dinner.