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KE Bengaluru holds "Wealth Management, The Citi Way"

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Kanara Entrepreneurs Bengaluru conducted a programme on "Wealth Management, The Citi Way" recently.

An overview of the pillars of Wealth Management–The Process, Model Portfolio and Product Ideas was provided by Rajesh K Singh, Vice-President & Banking Head, Bangalore Branch and Madhup Patel, Regional Investment Counselor from CitiGroup on the occasion.

They gave a very enriching presentation on ‘Wealth Management: the Citi Way’. They also gave a ‘Citi Overview’, a focus of the Citi Group on Wealth Management. Citi’s Market views and Investment Strategy was provided to the several entrepreneurs, professionals and senior executives who attended this meeting and was a very valuable take-away.

The otherwise number-based subject was made even more interesting to the audience with a lot of trivia thrown in by the two experts from the CitiGroup. The trivia, shared through questions thrown to the audience, was literally a take-away as those who answered the question correctly were rewarded with prizes.

Peter Anil Rego, in his presidential address emphasized, “No person would make a great Leader who wants to do all things by himself. A Leader should be thoughtful, considerate and share responsibility with others, while persons who are aggressive or apprehensive or not flexible or prejudiced, would not make good leaders”, he said.

During the meeting, eight new members namely, Rosario Selvam, Vincent Concessao, Eric Robert D’Silva, Nisha Maria Ninan, Joseph Fernandes, Gaurav Vaz, Benedict Pereira and Anil D’Souza were inducted into Kanara Entrepreneurs. The new members were administered the oath by Naveen D’Souza, Director-Membership.

A lead member of Kanara Entrepreneurs and a leading publisher, Nigel Fernandes, managing director & CEO of Asian Trading Corporation (ATC Publications) spoke of how ATC, a 70 years old Christian Publishing Company, started in Bombay in 1946 and had grown to be a renowned publisher. He narrated how in April 2010, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI himself had personally recommended ATC to publish his book, ‘The Spirit of the Liturgy’ for the Asian market. Among many bestsellers, ATC has also published other books written by Pope Benedict XVI, Pope Francis and Mother Teresa and are the publishers of the world bestseller ‘YouCat’. He said, in addition to over 1,500 titles that ATC has published, it has the distinction of publishing the RSV and RSV-Second Catholic Edition Bible and has been appointed as the sole distributor for Lifeway Publishers - USA for the regions of Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and India.

Nigel Fernandes then introduced Alan Machado (Prabhu), the author of the recently released ATC book ‘Slaves of Sultan’.

Alan Machado gave a brief overview of the book and the history of the Catholics in the Kanara region, tracing their lineage, the troubles and tribulations endured by them during the captivity of Srirangapatna and how they remained committed to their faith even in the midst of extreme persecution. “We need to recognize adequately the sacrifices made by them which could be considered the highest form of martyrdom. Courage and valour exhibited by our forefathers need to be an inspiration to each one of us today”, he said.

The president in his concluding remarks specially thanked the sponsors of the meeting. He recalled the wonderful time that all the members who had gone to Goa for the special event – KE Global Joint Meeting. With the enticing slides of the wonderful time at the event being played on the large screen in the background, Adrian D’Souza, Clarence Pereira and Clatus Mathias shared their experiences. The members relived some of the moments amidst thundering applauses and laughter.

He then drew the attention of the members to the new initiative of KE introduced in the previous meeting, called 'The Bulletin Board’: HR opportunities/requirements available in member organizations. He cited the requirements already listed by some of the member organizations and requested other members to use this opportunity and facility provided by KE.

Vivon Pinto welcomed everybody gathered for the meeting by relating an anecdote featuring Thomas Alva Edison invoking the necessity of a creator in the universe before leading the prayer. Vote of thanks was proposed by Jose Paul.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Vivon Pinto.