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Speech of IVAN on 24.09.2012

Good Evening Friends

Exactly a year back I had the opportunity of addressing you all here in Bangalore. In the last one year, several things have happened that have impacted us individually as well as the organisation. From a KE perspective, we had a fairly successful year. In January this year, we had ‘Entreprenet 2012’ - the KE-Dimensions Global conference and those who had witnessed it will vouch that it was a very successful and beneficial to our entrepreneurs.

While we have done fairly well with networking, we need to take it to the next level. We need to ensure that we encourage and nurture a new breed of entrepreneurs who are ready to give this challenge a go and also existing entrepreneurs on elevating them to the next level. I am extremely pleased with the session conducted by KE Bangalore where a lot of business prospects were discussed and concluded across the table.

We still see the stigma, of holding back when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Of late, I have seen some positives but again many of these fall into the category of those who want to become entrepreneurs but do not want to give up their existing lucrative jobs. They believe they can do it by hand holding from outside and having a third party do the dirty job of building a start-up. This thought is similar to keeping your children in day-care because you are not in a position of looking after them during the day. It will never be the same of you taking care of them.

While everyone dreams to be successful, nobody is ready to accept failures or challenges that force you to come down from where you are right now. That fear is what blocks your in-sight and curtails your capability to do much more than what is required. If that was true, we would not have had some of the prominent successful entrepreneurs today – people like Steve Jobs who in spite of being removed from his own start up, did not give up his passion only to be re-inducted into Apple and today look at the success of this company.

If we look at our own country, there have been significant impacts by certain upcoming entrepreneurs who have taken the urge to be full time entrepreneurs in the last decade. Take for e.g. Deepak Kalra, the founder of A start up in 2005, it now handles 48% of the online travel market with top line of over 2000 crores. However, his bottom line is still an issue.

Another example to look at is Arvind Rao of Onmobile Global. A start-up in 2000 in the US, nothing worked for him when he decided to move to India in 2003 and joined hands with some of the founders in Infosys. His initial gamble with mobile operators with ring tones came off and the company started to build strong revenues in the Indian market and started getting into global market in 2007/08. The company went public in 2008 and had a stellar demand in its IPO. However, its stock has fallen from a high of around Rs. 372 in 2008 to a low of around 30 in 2012. A number of things were then revealed to the market whereby it was seen that Arvind was not happy with this downfall and trying to outsmart the market led to his eventual exit from his own start up. So he is now in a midway crisis having lost his brain child. We need to watch and see what happens next.

There is nothing called a right opportunity. It is up to each one of us to make it right. If you have the passion you will make it happen. So if you have the fire in your belly to be on your own, the earlier you try the better.

The next Global Event – ‘Entreprenet 2014’ is all set to be hosted in Bangalore. You are the host of this event. It is the responsibility of each one of you to ensure that this event benefits all those who attend it. We have more than a year to plan and execute but if we do not start now, we will end up rushing and missing our deadlines. We really need your full complete involvement from now in planning and executing this event to perfection. An event of this size cannot be successfully hosted by one or two individuals. It has to be a complete team work. Entreprenet 2012 has set a bench mark. We need to raise it from here in 2014 and this is possible only through the support and involvement of each one of you. So kindly be proactive, get your thinking caps on and send in your thoughts and ideas on how we can make this an event that will benefit all of us. We need to finalise the theme, need to approach some of the key speakers, need to finalise the venue and most importantly we need to ensure that this event is a global event. So we need to get participation from our entrepreneurs from various parts of our country and outside. We have invited our partners – Dimensions so that we have the opportunity to share their experiences in conducting the previous global event. We thank them for their presence and commitment.

I thank each one of you for taking your valuable time today. I know the board of KE Bangalore has taken several initiatives to streamline the planning process. We have members of the KE Global board here and we discussed several issues to make this event an event to cheer.

If any one of you has thoughts or ideas on how we can grow or leverage this network better kindly let us know. It is only through sharing that we learn and no idea is small.

Once again, I thank each one you and hope you have a great evening.