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KE - AGM Report

KE Bangalore’s 2nd AGM was held on Friday, Sept 28th 2012 at Hotel the Grand Magrath. The meeting was kicked off with KE’s prayer to the Almighty.

Mr. Robinson D’Souza, President - KE, welcomed the gathering and gave an insightful talk on “Success”. He quoted Richard Branson as an example and spoke about Branson’s “5 Secrets to Business Success”. Mr. Robinson spoke about how as entrepreneurs, it is important to enjoy what you are doing, to always create something that stands out and to continuously innovate. He said that it was important for entrepreneurs to create something that everybody in the organisation is really proud of. He also spoke about the importance of being a good leader, to listen, appreciate people when required and to never monopolise one’s decisions. He ended his presentation saying that as an entrepreneur it is imperative to make oneself visible so as to not get lost in the crowd.

Lead Members then discussed KE’s 2nd Annual Report and the Balance Sheet for 2011-12, and freely expressed their views.

Mr. Prem Colaco, Lead Member presented his personal success story. He spoke about his initial struggles and how he overcame them, the principles passed on to him by his late father Oswald Colaco and how he tried to pursue them, both in his personal and professional lives.

This was followed up with a heartfelt Vote of Thanks from Mr. George Timothy, Director Mentoring – KE, and the evening ended with dinner.

By Alan Aranha, Member KE