About Kanara Entrepreneurs

Kanara Entrepreneurs (KE) is a non-profit, mutual benefit corporation chartered by individuals from the Kanara region in India.

  • Founded by Entrepreneurs to encourage, support, guide and nurture entrepreneurship for individuals originating from the Kanara region.
  • While fostering entrepreneurship amongst the community from the Kanara region, KE aims to expand its activities through affiliations with individuals or associations with similar objectives throughout the world.
  • KE has set an ambition to share knowledge, entrepreneurs skills & best practices to the community at large and also to help them to excel in their endeavours in achieving their goals.
  • Membership is open to Entrepreneurs, Senior Corporate Executives and Senior Professionals hailing or having their roots in the Kanara Region who have the willingness to share their strengths with others and the commitment to strive for the betterment of its members.