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Do you have it in YOU ?

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Kanara Entrepreneurs 19th Webinar is titled

Do you have it in YOU?

Success grows from the ROOT never from the fruit

We do not control the circumstances of our birth, but our lives can be changed by the decisions we make.
We blame the world or someone else for our misery – No coach, No mentor, No trainer, No boss can overcome it – It is YOU versus YOU!

This session will illustrate how one can endure limitations through:
• Poverty, humiliation, tragedy, struggle and still triumph!

Listen to this and more in the webinar titled “Do you have it in YOU?” by Claudius Pereira, an Entrepreneur, Motivational speaker, Business Mentor & Author, with his 37 year business experience, he will take you down memory lane through his unique encounters of “You vs YOU” from the simple lessons he discovered along his journey.

To register please use this Registration Link https://bit.ly/2QBBLJn


September 6, 2020
7:00 pm
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