Roshan Dsilva

Roshan D’Silva is an entrepreneur who has taken multiple ideas from imagination to businesses that serve customers and employ people. He enjoys the magic of seeing capital (very limited) and dedication (lots) translate into products and services that customers enjoy consuming. He gets excited about businesses that help people communicate, have a strong viral component and have community built into them by design.

In mid-2009 he founded Tripvillas. He started the business as a way for owners like himself make meaningful income from their second homes.

In November 2013, he expanded the focus of Tripvillas to Europe and closed the year with 50,000 properties and with close to half a million users. By end of 2014, Tripvillas had crossed a million users.

Today Tripvillas is Asia’s largest Vacation Rental website. Roshan comes into office everyday thinking about ways to help families who own some of the most beautiful vacation homes generate additional income from their properties. According to Roshan, ‘Each home is unique but what remains the same is what we do – provide them a platform via the internet to welcome travelers into these homes, help them in collecting payments securely and providing them with the knowledge and tools to provide a great experience to travelers. As part of the group we run multiple websites with the flagship global brand being Tripvillas. We also run a Publication called the Holiday Home Times which is widely read by home owners, developers, decision makers in the government and tourism industry and prospective Vacation Home buyers. The company is young and has experienced significant grown from 2009 – it is my intention to continue to grow this into a mainstream travel options both for Asian families as well as visitors to Asia.’

Roshan grew up in Qatar, graduated from IIT Bombay and has lived in many countries.

Things that he focuses on:
*Product Management and Strategy
*Ensuring that the company is focused on lucrative long term opportunities.
*Picking talented people and giving them freedom.
*Being relentless and uncompromising on values and delivery to the end customer.

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